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Reliable Winding – the key to car wires‘ braiding

Wire sheaths must be firmly bonded and withstand extreme temperatures and environmental conditions. Tape for the engine must have high resistance to abrasion, for example, in the passenger compartment tapes are used to lower the noises

They meet the technical requirements for industrial applications. A wide range of fabric-based, non-woven and film-based tapes for the wires’ braiding which goes hand in hand with high quality materials is used by international automakers when constructing original parts

Our innovative solutions supply you with a perfect flexibility and quick and easy attachment of the tape to the car body. These solutions also participate in reducing the weight of the car and the diminution of wisps’ diameters

Fields of use

  • Car interior: protection against interference and environmental conditions
  • Engine compartment: protection against abrasion and extreme temperature and operating conditions

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