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17 Plyshield tape
17 Plyshield tape

17 Plyshield tape

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17 Plyshield® is an ethylene propylene rubber based, self-amalgamating and conducting tape

19mm x 4,6m - stock

38mm x 9,1m - min 50 pcs delivered within 2-3 weeks



Its unsupported construction makes it ideal for use on power cable where accommodation of expansion and contraction due to load cycling is important. The excellent stretch of 17 Plyshield allows conformability to complex shapes. 17 Plyshield® is compatible with all extruded dielectric cable insulations. Meets ASTM D-4388 Type IV standard. 

For electrostatic shielding on high voltage splices and terminations. Filling indents in compression connectors and rebuilding strand shielding on high voltages splices. Shielding bus and overhead connections. 

19mm x 4,6m
38mm x 9,1m
0,76 mm
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