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Plytuff P153
Plytuff P153

Plytuff P153

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Plytuff is a specially formulated polyvinyl chloride tape designed for use where flame resistance and toughness are necessary



Adhesive backing is made for excellent adherence to neoprene, hypalon and polyurethane portable cable jackets. 

Use for primary insulation through 600 V. Rejacketing of trailing cable splices subjected to abuse on outer surfaces. Sealing ends of hot and cold sleeve-type trailing cable splices against moisture penetration. Jacketing on high voltage splices in hostile environments. Covering nicks and abrasion on all mining cables. Highly flame resistant and designed for applications where water, dirt, grease, oils and other contaminants are encountered in significant amounts.


38mm x 13m
38mm x 20m
0,18 mm
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